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Youth Awards

All of our Youth Awards can be seen displayed in the Scout Hall

Joey Scout Challenge Award

As the peak award in the Joey Scout section, the symbol on this badge is now a kangaroo joey. The name has also altered, as the peak award is no longer centred on the Promise, and incorporates a range of challenges to reflect the wider range of adventures that Joey Scouts can experience.

Grey Wolf Award

The Grey Wolf has been a part of Cub Scout imagery for many years. Cub Scouts create their own path, completing differing challenges to achieve their peak award.

Australian Scout Award

The Australian Scout Award has been redesigned to reflect symbols of Australia and of Scouting. It features our wildlife as well as wattle and wildflowers, symbols of the Australian environment where many Scouts spend their time and overcome many challenges. Scouts will continue to receive a medallion to accompany this award.

Queen’s Scout Award

 The badge design is based on the crown of King Edward VII, and is edged in the maroon colour of the Venturer Scout section. Today it remains a representation of the high-level challenge and commitment required to earn the Queen’s Scout Award. 80% of those surveyed both from the new and old programs, thought the design was relevant for this award.

Baden-Powell Scout Award

The Baden-Powell Scout Award dates back to the 1960s and is the final peak award in the youth program a young person can achieve in Scouting in Australia. The design continues the use of Baden-Powell’s initials under a coronet 

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