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Be prepared for Adventure

What do you need for Camping?

Have a good read through this list to get an idea of what you may need to get out and about.


Below is a basic check list, make sure to check if your next adventure requires additional equipment!

Toiletry bag containing:

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Flannel and soap
  • Comb or hairbrush
  • Plastic bags for towels, clothes & rubbish
  • Shampoo, conditioner in small shatterproof containers

Talk to your Scout Leader for more information

Sleeping Gear:

  •  Pyjamas or tracksuit
  •  Sleeping Bag & Pillow. 
  •  Blanket(s) (if sleeping bag not rated at or below -3o)
  •  Mattress (air or foam) – No stretchers or swags as they take up too much room in a tent
  •  Soft toy for bedtime (if required)

During the camp:

  • Shirts / T-Shirts / Shorts / Jeans (for each day + 1) – These should be robust and easy to clean
  • Jumper / Windcheater / Jacket / Beanie
  • Changes of socks and undies (for each day + 1) – It is important to have clean dry feet so extra socks never go amiss!
  • Handkerchief
  • Towel (plus beach / pool towel if required)

Just in case:

  • Waterproof jacket (sealed seams)
  • Spare pair of shoes
  • Water activities kit (if required please refer to water activities list)

And don’t forget:

  • Notebook and pen
  • A Good Torch (head torches are great)
  • Spare Batteries


  • Medicines (named and given to a leader with instructions)
  • Hat (preferably wide-brimmed / bucket type)
  • Sunscreen 30+
  • Insect repellent
  • Drink bottle
  • Small backpack


  • Check camp notice (website or Y4) to see if required


Dilly Bags

A dilly bag is a cloth draw string bag, preferably cotton because it breathes allowing your gear to stay dry without going mouldy!
The drawstring stops dust and bugs getting in and allows the bag to be hung up in the fresh air as well as stopping the gear inside from falling out!

The dilly bag is used to transport and store your camp eating gear.

Inside your dilly bag should be:

  • Crockery (plate, bowl & cup)
  • Cutlery (knife, fork & spoon)
  • Tea towel

All the contents should be made of a strong material such as metal or melamine to avoid breakage and should be CLEARLY LABELLED!!!!!

The easiest way to make a dilly bag is from a pillowcase or cotton bag from the supermarket with a drawstring is sewn in.

The contents for Dilly bags can be easily purchased from good camping shops such as Exurbia

Be prepared to connect.

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