Welcome to Angle Vale Scout Group
Be prepared for Adventure

Fees and payment

For the first three weeks your child can simply come have a look and join in with the activities to see if they like it. During that time, they are automatically covered by the Scout Association for insurance purposes. Parents are welcome to watch as well as participate.

As at 1st April 2024 our fees are

  • $165 annual fee, which we forward to Scouts SA for Membership and personal insurance cover; plus
  • $60 per term to cover the majority of the costs listed below.

The Government Sports Voucher can be used to subsidise the membership fees.

The Scout Group

Angle Vale Scout Group is entirely self-funded.

Our Ongoing Costs include:-

  • Badges and certificates for the youth members
  • Resources for nightly activities
  • Leader training and resources
  • Equipment for camping and major activities
  • Utilities – water, electricity etc
  • Insurance
  • Ongoing hall & equipment maintenance

These costs are covered by our Term Fees and a small number of fundraising activities throughout the year.


The uniform consists of a shirt (button up or polo style), belt, scarf & woggle, and trousers. The shirt is available online from The Scout Shop.


Scouting is all about learning new skills in the outdoors. We participate in sleepovers, camps and hikes ranging from one to three days. There are many opportunities for the older sections for longer activities. The cost of these activities is an extra expense, however, you can be sure that we carefully aim to keep the prices to a minimum. Our aim is that each section has the opportunity of at least one overnight activity each term. The cost and travel distance of these activities varies between the different sections.


We fundraise, where possible, to support our youth attend major events, as well as major equipment purchases and building maintenance.

Be prepared to connect.

Facebook and Instagram are fantastic ways to promote Scouting. Please enjoy their use by posting photos and stories about the great activities you are doing in Scouts.