Welcome to Glen Osmond Scout Group
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Scouts is a non-profit organisation that is self-funded.

As As a volunteer organisation, every dollar helps to keep programs going, towards the maintenance of the buildings and equipment, and encourage others to also contribute.

Donations to the Scout Group are tax deductible.

If you donate to the Group, you can designate how the funds shall be used. These donations can not be associated with individuals unless the Group recognises that as a supportable cause. However, most donations should be to the benefit of the whole Group or at least one Section. Donations can be in the form of cash or equipment or professional time that otherwise the group would have to pay for. It can include training of leaders, consumables used by the Group and provision of professional advice. Receipts for cash donations will include a certification of the donation as tax deductable from the ATO. Donations need to be made to Scouts SA- Glen Osmond Scout Group and paid to Scouts HQ


The Group also encourages local businesses to sponsor the Group in its various projects. These usually take the form of a directed cash payment or donation of needed materials to the Group towards some tangible asset. In return the Group will provide some exposure to it community of that sponsorship. For example, a local electrician might offer professional labour for free to do work that the Group needs done. In return the Group may display signs advertising that business around in the hall, in its newsletter and other appropriate locations.

Be prepared to connect.

Facebook and Instagram are fantastic ways to promote Scouting. Please enjoy their use by posting photos and stories about the great activities you are doing in Scouts.