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Fees and payment

For the first three weeks your child can simply come have a look and join in with the activities to see if he or she likes it. During that time they are automatically covered by the Scout Association for insurance purposes. Parents are welcome to watch as well as participate.

Please contact the Group Leader if more information is required.


The uniform consists of a shirt (polo style), belt, scarf & woggle, and trousers. The shirt is available from the Exurbia Scout Shop – Norwood Parade, Norwood.

Group Scarf

New members will also be charged $20 upon first joining for a Magill Scout Group scarf ($16.50) and a woggle ($3.50) that is part of their uniform.


Scouting is all about learning new skills in the outdoors. We encourage all our groups to participate in sleepovers, holidays, camps and hikes range from day activities up to three days duration. The cost of these activities is an extra expense; however, you can be sure that we carefully aim to keep the price of such activities to a minimum. Our aim is that each section has at least one overnight activity each term. The cost of these activities varies between Joey, Cub and Scouts sections and also with the travel distance.

The Scout Group

A Scout Group is entirely self-funded. The expenses of a Scout Group are various. A somewhat major cost is the purchasing of badges and certificates. (Badges are presented as soon as they are earned and there is no call for parents to purchase their child’s badges).

The Group must also meet the cost of maintaining the Scout Hall itself and we have the normal water, electricity and insurance bills to pay. Then there is also the initial and ongoing cost of training Leaders and the supply of their uniforms.

The Group’s running costs are mostly offset by the annual membership subscriptions and partly through a small number of fundraising activities throughout the year.

Fees (effective from 1 April 2024) consist of:

  • $165 for the Annual Affiliation Fee and $75 per term per child
  • or $165 Annual Affiliation Fee and $70 per term for each subsequent child of the same family.

The Annual Affiliation Fee is an expense our group incurs from Scouts SA. This and the first term fees are due upon joining and at the start of term 1. Other term fees are due at the beginning of each term.

If you join half way through a term, your group fees for that term will be calculated pro-rata for the number of weeks in that term.

A discount is available for full payment of the whole yearly fee before the end of term 1.


Fee payments can be made by:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • direct bank transfer (preferred)

For direct bank transfers please use the following details:

Bank: Bank SA
Account Number: 528 013 640
Account BSB: 105-141
Account Name: Scouts Association of Australia – SA Branch – First Magill Scout Group

Please list the first and last name of the child that you are paying the fee for as part of the transfer details.


Most Scout Groups engage in fundraising for the Group. We encourage fundraising for major events (like attending a Jamboree) through the formation of parent committees for specific events.

Be prepared to connect.

Facebook and Instagram are fantastic ways to promote Scouting. Please enjoy their use by posting photos and stories about the great activities you are doing in Scouts.