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What do you need for different Ages and Activities?

Because the different age groups or sections in Scouting each participate in a different level of activity.



Keep in mind that a number of our groups will have a lot of shared gear to use but do not have enough equipment for individuals. Have a chat with your leader before your next camp to see what you might need, often you can get a number of cheap and convenient gear but investing in some good quality gear will last your Scout a lot longer!

Check out the Scout Outdoor Centre website for all your outdoor adventure needs.


Joeys need a few bits and pieces to show that they are Joey Scouts as well as a few things to set them up for an adventure!



These include:

A uniform shirt  (different sections have different colour sleeves)


A Dilly bag for sleepovers and camps

Water bottle

Other things that Joeys may need from time to time that can be borrowed from siblings or friends are things such as:

All these things should be well labelled with the Joey’s name and if we are going to a District or State event label them with the Group name.

Be prepared to connect.

Facebook and Instagram are fantastic ways to promote Scouting. Please enjoy their use by posting photos and stories about the great activities you are doing in Scouts.