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Fees and payment

For the first three weeks your child can simply come have a look and join in with the activities to see if he or she likes it. During that time they are automatically covered by the Scout Association for insurance purposes. Parents are welcome to watch as well as participate.

Please contact the Group Leader if more information is required.


The uniform consists of a shirt (polo style), belt, scarf & woggle, and trousers. The uniform is available from EXURBIA | The Adventure Supply Co.
134A The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067.


Scouting is all about learning new skills in the outdoors. We encourage all our groups to participate in sleepovers, holidays, camps and hikes range from day activities up to three days duration. The cost of these activities is an extra expense; however, you can be sure that we carefully aim to keep the price of such activities to a minimum. Our aim is that each section has at least one overnight activity each term. The cost of these activities varies between Joey, Cub and Scouts sections and also with the travel distance.

The Scout Group

A Scout Group is entirely self-funded. The expenses of a Scout Group are various. A somewhat major cost is the purchasing of badges and certificates. (Badges are presented as soon as they are earned and there is no call for parents to purchase their child’s badges).

The Group must also meet the cost of maintaining the Scout Hall itself and we have the normal water, electricity and insurance bills to pay. Then there is also the initial and ongoing cost of training Leaders and the supply of their uniforms.

The Group’s running costs are mostly offset by the annual membership subscriptions and partly through a small number of fundraising activities throughout the year.

Fees Current as of February 2024

Youth Member                                    $115 per term            Total $460 yearly

Discount for 2nd Youth Member         $110 per term            Total $440 yearly

Term Fees Cover the Following

  • South Australia Scouts Registration ($150 per year, $37.50 per term)
    • Please note this needs to be paid upfront upon joining, and will be deducted from your term fees until you’ve been with us for 12 months; For example you joined in Term 1 2024, you won’t have to pay this again until Term 1 2025 after this it will be invoiced to you as above.
  • Insurance
  • Activity Budgets
  • Group Fees – Hall management and maintenance.

Investiture fee                                     $15

Port Lincoln Group Scarf Youth          $22

Woggle                                               $3.95

Record & OAS Book                           $30      1x Section Record & 1x OAS

Please see our group leader or treasurer to discuss payment plan options.

Sports Voucher

What is the Sports Voucher?
The Sports Vouchers program is a SA Government initiative that assists families in meeting the costs
of their children’s sports and recreation activities. When used with Scouts, the voucher aims to make
Scouting more accessible and affordable for everyone by contributing $100 to the Branch membership
All children living in South Australia in Reception to Year 9 are eligible for a Sports Voucher each
calendar year. Please note, once a Sports Voucher has been redeemed, the voucher value cannot be
reimbursed as cash nor can it be transferred to another child. The voucher cannot be refunded back.

How does it work?
Parents apply for the Sports Voucher on behalf of their child. The voucher is specifically intended to
assist with the Branch membership fee. Scouts SA Head Office staff manage the application and
voucher approval process with Sports Vouchers directly. Once approved, the voucher will be applied
to the next round of Branch membership fees due for the child. Please check with your Group directly
to find out when your Branch membership fee is due so you know when to expect the savings when
using this voucher.

What does the Branch membership fee cover?
The Branch membership fee covers a portion of the cost of essential services and behind-the-scenes
operations to ensure members can enjoy Scouting now and into the future. The fee provides services
such as volunteer support and administration for members and properties across all Scout Districts.
The fee also covers the provision of services such as youth safety, risk management, member services,
grant facilitation and processing, training administration, accounting services, financial and statutory
compliance, lease management and property compliance, marketing and communication activities,
and the management and upgrading of IT systems such as MyScout, our membership system.
Furthermore, the fee includes the cost of association fees from the World Organization of the Scout
Movement (WOSM) and Scouts Australia levy, and public liability and workers compensation for all
youth and adult members.

What does the Group term fee cover?
The Group term fee covers a range of essential elements crucial for the smooth functioning and
sustainability of the Scout Group. This fee incorporates hall rental fees (where required), supports
cleaning and maintenance services, utility and insurance costs. Additionally, achievement pathway
badges to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our youth members are included in this fee,
along with the activity resources required to deliver an exciting and interesting program each term.

Head to https://sa.myscout.com.au/sport_voucher_claims to claim your Sports Voucher with Scouts SA


Most Scout Groups engage in fundraising for the Group. We encourage fundraising for major events (like attending a Jamboree) through the formation of parent committees for specific events.

Be prepared to connect.

Facebook and Instagram are fantastic ways to promote Scouting. Please enjoy their use by posting photos and stories about the great activities you are doing in Scouts.