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Group Plan

     Support fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive programs which enable youth members to achieve in the Scouts Australia Youth Program.    • Continue to provide programs which support youth members to develop their social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional and spiritual skills through the Scout Method.

• Support programs which enable youth members to be at peak award level for core outdoor adventure skill (OAS) when they transition into the next Section. (Namely; Joey Scouts at Stage 1, Cub Scouts at Stage 3 and Scouts at Stage 5.)

• Facilitate long term planning for outdoor adventure skills (OAS) to support peak award achievement and major event attendance.

• Continue to support the roll-out of Scouts | Terrain with targeted emails to new families and quarterly information sessions.

• Embed a dedicated Scouts | Terrain adult member within each Section to support youth to complete reviews within the software.
Provide value for money programs for youth members and families. • Continue to focus on value when programming. 
Review fee and fundraising structure annually with membership.

• Support as many families as possible to be involved in Scouting with the advertisement of State Government Sports Voucher Program, facilitation of payment plans and Scouts SA financial support. 
Grow leadership teams to continue to facilitate quality programs for our youth members.• Organise Leader Recruitment sessions.

• Promote the advantages of volunteering within Scouting.

• Promote soft pathways into volunteering.
Promote awareness and engagement of families.• Develop up to date welcome packs and supporting documents. 

• Continue to use a variety of media types to communicate to families. 

• Continue to collect images and photographs to use in promotion. 

• Recruit and support a Membership Officer to update MyScout data with Operoo data to ensure communication is going to current email address of parents/caregivers. 
Provide a safe and socially inclusive environment for all youth members.• Flexibility in programming around individual youth needs. 

• Programs to be planned so they are socially inclusive for all youth members – including Section times and sizes. 

• Support Leaders to participate in relevant training and development. 

• Continue to grow youth member self-governance within Sections, facilitated by the Unit Council. 

• Continue to support annual reviews of Section Unit Codes by Unit Councils. 

• Continue to support “youth leading, adult supporting” within Sections. 

• Support youth members to attend leadership courses. 
Strengthen ties with local businesses and other community groups.• Make contact with local business and other community groups to establish relationships. 

• Broaden some family events to include the local community. 
Provide quality resources and facilities required to support members to participate in the Scouts Australia Youth Program.• Undertake internal and external hall improvement projects. 

• Utilise the resources we currently have available in the Group QStore. Where required, budget/fundraise for new items. 

• Recruit and support a Quartermaster to organise and maintain the QStore. 

• Use the skills of adults in the group to support the development of new group resources.

Timeframe: March 2023 to March 2025
For Review: 2025 Family Camp

Be prepared to connect.

Facebook and Instagram are fantastic ways to promote Scouting. Please enjoy their use by posting photos and stories about the great activities you are doing in Scouts.