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Adult Awards

Leaders and Adults in the Scouting movement can also earn awards which is based on contribution and service to Scouting.

The following leaders involved with our Group have received Scouting Awards and a link to the citation is provided where possible.

 Silver Emu

Further distinguished service of around 4-5 years since the award of the Silver Koala

Silver Koala

Distinguished service to the Association for a period of at least 14 years

Silver Wattle

Outstanding service to the Association for a period of at least 10 years

Silver Arrowhead

For Excellent Service to the Scout Movement

2004      Lynton Harding            Group Leader

2007      Alexandra Thompson    Cub Scout Leader

Meritorious Service Award

Meritorious or praiseworthy service to the Association for a period of a least 6 years

2018      Jessica Vincent          Group Leader

Special Service Award

Noteworthy contribution to the success of their section or formation or to the well-being of Scouting as a result of a period of at least 12 months intense effort

2019    Christopher McDonough        Group Treasurer

2021 Daniel King Scout Leader

2021 Natasha Smith Cub Leader

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