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Magill Phoenix Badge

The Magill Scout Group badge (as worn on the group scarf) is an image of a phoenix, which is a mythical fire spirit bird. The badge has quite a bit of history to it.

The original form of the badge was created by Barry Murley (then Venturer Leader) as a Venturers badge (see second image) . And being the Magill Venturers, it was inspired by the crest (see last image) of the MakGill or MacGill clan (which dates back to 1651).

About the MakGill / MacGill Clan Badge it is said that the wearing of the clan crest badge is a symbol of kinship. In older days, the chief of a clan gave his kinsman and followers his crest to wear (Very similar to the way we use the badge today!)

In the Magill Venturers design, the outside shape of the badge is a nonagon (a nine-sided polygon). The nine sides represent the (then nine) elements of the Scout Law:

  • A Scout is trustworthy.
  • A Scout is loyal.
  • A Scout is helpful.
  • A Scout is friendly.
  • A Scout is cheerful.
  • A Scout is considerate.
  • A Scout is thrifty.
  • A Scout is courageous.
  • A Scout is respectful.

Later the Scout Law was expanded and had an extra element added:

  • A Scout cares for the environment.

but the badge design remained with the 9 sided nanogon shape

Later this venturers badge was turned into a shield and was modified from a Ventures only badge into a group shield (see third image) which can still be seen in the Magill Scout Hall at Woodforde Road, Magill, SA.

In all of the Magill badges, the colours below the flames were used to represent the different section colours of the group.

In the original Venturers badge, it had red for Rovers, green for Scouts, yellow for Cubs and the maroon background representing the Venturers.

In the shield (third image) this became a green background and below the flames it became maroon for Venturers, green for Scouts and yellow for Cubs.

The colours below the flames in the current badge (top image), are brown for Joeys, yellow for Cubs and green for Scouts. The font used for the text was simplified so the same badge could also be embroidered.

For more on Phoenix fire birds see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_%28mythology%29

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