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About Us

Flinders Park Scout Group offers a range of great programs for young people between 5 and 26 years old, packed with fun, adventurous, challenging and inclusive activities that youth members can enjoy with their friends. 

Flinders Park Scout Group has been providing quality Scouting in Adelaide’s western suburbs since 1945. We pride ourselves in providing young people with the skills to adapt to change and face challenges. Our young people plan, lead and review their own activities, and effortlessly adapt their plans to suit the ever-changing world that we face. 

All Units at Flinders Park Scout Group adapt and adjust to changes in our society, moving to a modified online program when lockdowns and restrictions occur. When we are not able to meet in the hall, come and join our Zoom meetings for our Online Scouting program. 

Scouting offers activities in age-based sections so that young people can have fun and adventure with others their own age. Flinders Park Scout Group supports young people to plan adventurous outdoor activities with increasing levels of challenge for individuals.


Fun-filled programs for all

At Flinders Park Scout Group young people are given the opportunity to participate in a fun, educational experience, that provides opportunities for leadership, friendship and personal growth. Scouting incorporates the challenge areas of Outdoors, Community, Creative and Personal Growth and our youth members use these as a basis for their weekly programming. 

We offer challenges and opportunities in a safe environment, allowing young people to follow their natural desire to learn and explore. Our program develops leadership skills, self-confidence, respect, resilience and fosters learning and attitudes that will benefit the entire community.

Our Group is guided by trained volunteers who assist youth members in delivering great Scouting programs to each Unit. We look forward to welcoming more volunteers to share the load and join the team!


Flinders Park Scout Group look forward to welcoming your family in person to Scouting!


Be prepared to connect.

Facebook and Instagram are fantastic ways to promote Scouting. Please enjoy their use by posting photos and stories about the great activities you are doing in Scouts.