Scout Motorsport Club SA

Welcome to Scout Motorsport Club SA

Welcome to the Scout Motorsport Club SA!

If you want to race a car, learn awesome skills, or just want to have outrageous fun, then motorsport is for you.

The Scout Motorsport Club (SMCSA) is the adventurous activities group that provides affordable and accessible motorsport activities for Scouts SA. Come out and lets go racing!

Each year youth have an opportunity to participate in our Junior Development Program: An introduction to motorsport with participants provided with the chance to get behind the wheel with our team of dedicated instructors ready to teach youth anything from basic car control to full race craft and prepare them for other events. 

There will be ample opportunity for those interested in motorsport to participate in events run by both Scout Motorsport and the wider SA motorsport community with opportunities to participate as a driver, passenger, official, spectator or photographer available across the year.

2023 Motorsport Calendar

Scout Motorsport Events
  • Monthly business Meetings- 4th Tuesday of the Month
  • Scout JDP 1 and Come and Try Motorkhana- 18th & 21st May
  • Scout JDP 2 and Come and Try Motorkhana- Date TBC- August
  • Group and Unit visits booked when requested
Other Entry Level Motorsport Event

Contact us to discuss SMCSA Car Hire , driver instruction, or event support

  • Scouts try Motorkhana (hosted by MG Car Club)- 19th March
  • Scouts try Hillclimb (Hosted by SCCSA) – 1st April
  • Scouts try Motorkhana (Hosted by Modifed Mini Car Club) – 16th July
  • Scouts try Motorkhana (hosted by Nissan Datsun Car Club) – 28th May
  • Scouts try Hillclimb (Hosted by SCCSA) – 14th October
  • Scouts try Motorkhana (Hosted by Auto Test Pannel) – 15th October
  • SA Motorkhana Championship and Come & Try- Multiple SA Motorsport Clubs
  • Come & Try Hillclimb- Sporting Car Club SA
  • Regularity Rookies- Track Time Motorsport
  • Dirt Junior Development Program – Southern Districts Car Club
  • Tarmac Junior Development Program- Tarmac JDP Association SA


2023 SMCSA Membership

  • Scouting Membership $25pp
  • Associate Membership $50pp

Event Entry fees

  • JDP Entry- TBC
  • Come and Try Motorkhana Entry- TBC

Hire fees- POI

  • Car hire
  • Equipment Hire
  • Driving instruction and/or event support

Motorsport Australia license Fees

  • Singe Event License- $25
  • Junior Speed License- $35
  • Adult Speed License- $135



Branch Commissioner Motorsport
Jordan Johnston: 0419 373 448

Scout Motorsport Club President
Kat Page – 0421 234 566

Scout Motorsport Club Secretary
Geoff Manson – C/o


Find us on facebook

Club meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at
the Scouts SA – Centre For Adventurous Activities
Anderson Ave, West Beach @ 7:30pm.

All are welcome to attend club meetings.

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