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Fundraising: 2022 Kytons Fundraiser

Raising funds to support our programs

We are running a Kytons Bakery fundraiser to raise money for the Flagstaff Hill Scout Group.

Below is a link to an order form for you to collect orders from family, friends and others to help raise money for the Group.

Kytons Bakery is a South Australian family owned business that has been helping people fundraise in Adelaide for over 20 years and are probably most well known for their award winning lamingtons. Because Kytons products are so well known in Adelaide we encourage you to hand your order form around to friends, family and work colleagues. You will probably find that they are enthusiastic to purchase from you, so they can enjoy the Kytons products and help out our group.

How to place an order

Here’s how to collect orders and then place an online order:

1. You can use the attached order form to collect orders from families and friends.

2. Once you have collected your orders, complete our online order form

3. Wait for your confirmation email which will include instructions on making payment to Flagstaff Hill Scout Group.

Obviously the more products we sell, the more funds we will have to spend, so it would be great if every family could support us.

Orders must be received by 5pm on Saturday 2 April.

Pick up for orders will be on Tuesday 12 April between 6pm and 7pm

Thank you in anticipation of your support for our Kytons fundraiser!

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