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Adult Member Awards

Scouts Australia recognises Adult Members for their service through an Annual Adult Recognition Award process.

Leaders and Adults in Scouting also earn awards, based on contribution and service to Scouting. The following leaders involved with our Group have received Scouting awards since 1998. 

Silver Kangaroo for eminent achivement and meritorious service

2023Chris WiseGroup Leader

Silver Emu for Sustained & Exceptional Service

2005John MichellCub Scout Leader
2019Chris WiseGroup Leader
2005John MichellCub Scout Leader
2019Chris WiseGroup Leader

Silver Koala for Distinguished Service

1999John MichellCub Scout Leader
2004Mich GeerlingsGroup Leader
2006Christine BurgessVenturer Scout Leader
2014Trevor RogersScout Leader
2015Chris WiseGroup Leader
2022Cher TerpstraAssistant Scout Leader

Silver Wattle for Outstanding Service

2001Christine BurgessAssistant Venturer Leader
2001Stephen WelchAssistant Scout Leader
2005Jennifer BraddockBranch Commissioner (Joey Scouts)
2006Trevor RogersScout Leader
2009Peter LeCornuAssistant Scout Leader
2009John ShelleyAssistant Group Leader
2010Chris TaliangisCub Scout Leader
2011Bruce InkleyActivity Leader
2013Carl BoweyAssistant Joey Scout Leader
2014Natasha WylieAssistant Venturer Leader
2015Anita BugdenAssistant Scout Leader
2015Craig BugdenAssistant Scout Leader
2016Cheryll TerpstraAssistant Scout Leader
2019Darren SuttonScout Leader
2019Rebecca Beer SmithAssistant Group Leader
2019Julian StoneJoey Scout Leader
2020Orna TerpstraScout Leader
2023Katie WilliamsAssistant Venturer Leader

Silver Arrowhead for Excellent Service

1999Trevor RogersScout Leader
2000John ShelleyVenturer Leader
2001Rudy GeerlingsAssistant Quartermaster
2001Michael MunroAssistant Venturer Leader
2002Bruce InkleyAssistant Scout Leader
2004Peter LeCornuAssistant Scout Leader
2006Heather LescaiCub Scout Leader
2006Christopher TaliangisCub Scout Leader
2009Carl BoweyActivity Leader
2009Cheryll TerpstraCub Scout Leader
2009Chris WiseBranch Commissioner (Communications)
2010Anita BugdenJoey Scout Leader
2010Craig BugdenGroup Leader

Meritorious Service Award (from 2014) for Excellent Service

2014Steven JafferCub Scout Leader
2015Rebecca Beer-SmithAssistant Group Leader
2015Darren SuttonScout Leader
2016Orna TerpstraAssistant Scout Leader
2019Katie WilliamsJoey Scout Leader
2019Heather Forbes-WhiteAssistant Scout Leader
2020Monique AmosAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2020Paul BastiaansAssistant Scout Leader
2021Darren LangsfordCommitee
2021Jake MarshallAssistant Joey Scout Leader
2022Fiona O’NeillCommittee Treasurer
2022Mack SkyfallAssistant Venturer Leader
2023James HewittAssistant Scout Leader
2023Brendan RoseCommittee Chairperson
2023Kirsty StoneAssistant Scout Leader
2023Steph TiteAssistant Scout Leader

Certificate of Merit in recognition of Good Service

1999Mich GeerlingsGroup Leader
2000David DaviesQuartermaster
2000Rose EerdenAssistant Venturer Leader
2000Grant IndScout Leader
2000Peter LeCornuJoey Scout Leader
2000Heather LescaiCub Scout Leader
2000Neil PascoeCommittee Chairperson
2000Jenny BraddockAssistant Branch Commissioner (Joey Scouts)
2001Sandra OrmeAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2002Karen DavisCub Scout Leader
2002Terry KenchingtonAssistant Scout Leader
2004Adrian GeerlingsActivity Leader
2004Matt SparrowAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2004Cheryll TerpstraAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2005Carl BoweyJoey Scout Leader
2005Chris WiseAssistant Branch Commissioner (Cub Scouts)
2006Anita BugdenAssistant Joey Scout Leader
2006Craig BugdenAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2009Alison FlahertyAssistant Scout Leader
2009Russell SharpAssistant Scout Leader
2010Pip TurnerAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2011Steve JafferCub Scout Leader
2011Victoria PetchellAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2011Orna TerpstraAssistant Scout Leader
2011Natasha WylieBranch Commissioner (Venturers)
2012Rebecca Beer-SmithAssistant Joey Scout Leader
2012John FlynnScout Leader
2012Julie FranzonCommittee Secretary
2012Steve FranzonCommittee Treasurer

Special Service Award in recognition of Good Service

2014Kathryn AffleckCub Scout Leader
2014Matthew GoodliffeAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2014Amelia LeCornuJoey Scout Leader
2015Denise AhernCommittee Secretary
2015Brendan DelsarAssistant Venturer Leader
2015Heather Forbes-WhiteAssistant Scout Leader
2015Megan FranzonAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2015Shane PickenCommittee Chairperson
2015Lynda SandorCommittee Chairperson
2015Victoria SwalloweCommittee (Fundraising)
2015Steph TiteAssistant Scout Leader
2015Natasha WoodAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2016Monique AmosAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2016Laura TerpstraAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2016Andrew TerryCommittee Member
2016Julie WebbCommittee Member
2019Heidi Van Der WielenCub Scout Leader
2020Alicia BugdenAssistant Scout Leader
2020Julia BugdenCub Scout Leader
2020Kaye CartwrightAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2020Ashley DartAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2021Shane HuttAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2021Sarah LambertAssistant Joey Scout Leader
2021Mark SchipperAssistant Cub Scout Leader
2022Wendy AndrzjczakAssistant Joey Scout Leader
2022Dan CarterAssistant Joey Scout Leader
2023Rachel BaileyAssistant Joey Scout Leader
2023Sadie Goddard-WrightonAssistant Scout Leader

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