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Glen Osmond Scout Group has been training youth in life-enriching skills for over 100 years.

Hall reopening after major renovation (2015)

Scout building for Glen Osmond Scouts has been in Ridge Park since 1924. In 1968, the original Scout Hut was replaced on the same site. In 2015 after a major renovation (new painting and new roofing replacing the old asbestos one) the scout hall was reopened after a short period where activities were suspended.

Why is the Glen Osmond Scout Hall in Myrtle Bank?

In 1909, when the Scout Troup was formed, the villiage of Glen Osmond had “The Vine Inn“, a post office, a blacksmith and some general stores to service the vineyards, the silver-lead mines, and the stately houses in the locale. On an area of the private property “Ridge Park“,  cricket has been played since the 1860’s. Glen Osmond was the area on both sides of Glen Osmond Road and on both sides of Cross Road. When new suburb boundaries were defined, that part of the Glen Osmond village west of Glen Osmond Road was renamed Myrtle Bank and that south of Cross Road renamed Urrbrae.

Hall (2019)
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