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Our History

Glen Osmond Scouts and Cubs about 1926


The beginning at Glen Osmond

1907 Robert Baden-Powell (BP) published “Scouting for Boys
1909 NovAn article in “The Advertiser” announced a meeting at St Saviour’s Anglican Church to form a Glen Osmond Scout Troop.  So Scouting at Glen Osmond started. It was first registered with the British Boy Scouts Association.
1913Glen Osmond Scout Troop joined what is now Scouts Australia (SA Branch).
1914-1918During the first World War, the Troop continued meetings even though all the leaders had signed up for military service.
prior 1924Some meetings were held at the Glen Osmond Baptist Church Hall.
1924Elizabeth Fraser allowed a Scout Hut to be built on her land “Ridge Park” at the current Scout Hall site.
1927 NovThat land was sold to Unley Council to create the Ridge Park recreation open space. Our hall site reserved by 99 year lease as part of the deal.
1939-1945Again, as leaders and older scouts signed up for military service, the Scout Group continued to meet with older youths acting in place of leaders.
1955-1965The Scout Group membership climbed to over 100 in the baby-boomer years, putting considerable pressure on the original Scout Hut.
1968The curent brick Scout Hall was opened on the sitereplacing the Scout Hut. It was built entirely from fundraising by the parents.
1973Scouts Australia changed from a male-only organisation to one that was inclusive of girls as members. Although there was slow acceptance of this restructuring, but finally the number of members stabilised.
1978A meeting room extension to the hall was added in 1978. It was used for a number of years by the City of Unley Rovers. Again, it was built by local fund raising. That meeting room is now known as the Venturer Den.
1978 –Times were a-changing. The wider access to television, the demands of school sports training, and the increased demand on secondary student’s time proved competitive to being a Scout. To counter this the Scout Group developed adventurous youth programs for activity types that youth could not get elsewhere. The range of activities has continued to expand.
2015Reopening of the hall after a short period of closure due to major renovations including the substitution of an asbestos roof.
2015-2019The group grew its membership significantly. The finances were in very good shape due to the commitment of the group leader and the support of the committee members. The pursue of various grants (Lions club, government funds) and fundraising was key to the success. A verandah and a gear room were annexed to the hall. A new customised camp trailer was acquired to substitute the old one.
2020Improvement of the hall with a new bamboo floor, new roof on the leader’s den and 2 other.
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