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Lone Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts is where you can Create The Path!

Age Eligibility: 8 – 11 years old

Cub Scouts is about you creating your path through your journey in Scouting. The Cub Scout section may be the beginning of your journey as a Scout. It may be the next step on your journey if you started as a Joey Scout.

The path you choose will start you on a journey of a lifetime. Along your path, you will meet new Scouts, make new friends and look out for each other. You will work together, with your Patrol, discovering and leading lots of adventurous fun, challenging and inclusive adventures in nature and the outdoors.

On your path you can invent, construct and create your own adventures. You will learn by discovering community, outdoors, creative and personal growth challenges along the way. Your path might twist and turn, go back and start again or change completely, as you discover new interests and face new challenges. Everyone’s path will be different, but they will cross over and can join yours depending on the choices you make.

Creativity and imagination are at the centre of the Cub Scout experience. Scouts will develop and use skills and ideas to make their program more adventurous, fun, challenging and inclusive. Their diverse program of creative, outdoor, personal growth and community challenges will promote Cub Scouts to be active, express themselves, build confidence and conquer fears.

The Cub Scout section is all about getting young individuals into small groups to start to explore independence, teamwork, leadership, adventure and the outdoors in an exciting and free environment where risk is there but safely managed. As Cub Scouts, they are trying new things, developing deeper friendships and furthering leadership skill development.

The Cub Scout program may operate for the whole Unit, or it may be focused on individual Patrols. All Cub Scouts will be involved in the activities of the Unit through either their Patrol or whole Unit adventures. Activities will occur in Patrols and the tracking and recording of Milestones and achievements are primarily managed through the Patrol. Each activity might be a new or different challenge for each Cub Scout and it is their involvement during these times that will guide their achievement of Milestones.

The best thing about Cub Scouts is that with your Patrol you can express yourself, conquer your fears and discover new interests. Which path will you choose?

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