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Grey Wolf Award

The Grey Wolf Award is the highest award achievable by a Cub Scout

The following Lones members have achieved this award. Prior to 2006 the highest award was the Yellow Cord.

Grey Wolf Award

2019Tyson Gibson
2019Thomas Jaeger
2018Angela Jaeger
2016Tamsin Meyers
2016Petrea Meyers
2011Chloe Short
2010Randal Sheehan
2010Lachlan Barns
2009Natalie Hunt
2008Meg Weckert
2008Kate Collins
2008Ellie Weckert
2008Damian Welke
2006Joseph Hunt
2006Benjamin Welke

Yellow Cord Award

2005Robert Redding
2004Tara Whitehead
2004Tamara Welke
2004Mitchell Scobie
2004Michelle Henery
2004Jared Verran
2004Drew Clements
2003Reece Gander
2003Mikaela Foster
2002John Henery
2002Craig Borchardt
2000Trent Dolphin
2000Sarah Wright
1999Peter Dunk
1999Daniel Light
1999Adrian Phillips
1996Shaun Light
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