Welcome to SA Lone Scouts
Be prepared for Adventure

Welcome to SA Lone Scouts

Scouting for Everyone Anywhere!

Our group is inclusive of members from all across South Australia, in particular rural & remote places with limited access to a group.
We run a range of specialist & online programs for youth aged between 5 and 26, packed with fun, adventurous, challenging and inclusive activities you can do with your friends!
Scouting offers activities in age-based sections so your child can have fun and adventure with others their own age.

SA Lone Scouts provide a unique Scouting opportunity for everyone, anywhere!

Lone Scouts is for those who want to participate in the Scouting community who may:

  • live in a regional, rural or remote area,
  • live on an isolated farm, small town on an island or overseas,
  • have no Scout Group in their local area,
  • live in a region where the Scout Group does not have a Unit appropriate to their age group,
  • be unable attend a regular Scout meeting for various work, study, travel related situations or other reasons.
  • May live near enough to a Scout Group but find it hazardous to travel at night, due to traffic or wildlife.
  • attend a boarding school,
  • be travelling around Australia.

By joining Scouts you are giving your children the opportunity for a fun, educational experience that forms a bridge between what they learn at home and at school. Scouts incorporate challenges that are based on the Outdoors, Community and Creativity as well as personal growth and so much more!

We offer experience and challenge in a safe environment and fulfill a child’s natural urges to learn and explore. It develops skills, self-confidence, respect, resilience and fosters attitudes that will benefit not only your children but the whole community.

The Group is managed by trained Volunteers who deliver great Scouting programs to the Sections, and we are always looking for more volunteers to share the load and join the team!

Lone Scouts aren’t lonely, they belong in Scouts!

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SA Lone Scouts operate like a distance learning group with:

  • Communication via the mail, telephone and internet
  • Regular program resources available so that members can make the most out of their Scouting
  • Overnight and holiday meetings, activities and camps.
  • Programs provided on Social Media platforms, such as Zoom.
  • Opportunities to participate in other Scout Group activities that are nearby.
  • Opportunities to participate in Branch activities and events
  • Opportunities to participate in National and International Scouting Events
  • An opportunity to continue in Scouting so that you may later become a Leader in your local district!

S.A. Lone Scouts is a Scouting Group for youth and adults wishing to stay in Scouting but are unable to attend regular meetings, or are not living close to a Scout Group, especially one that does not have their Section to continue their journey in Scouting. S.A. Lone Scouts wants to help that youth member to do this and perhaps one day, return to their original Group as a leader themselves.

Our members mainly use the internet to communicate with one another but still plan to meet up with others for hikes and Branch events, when possible. As has been proven throughout the current pandemic situation, finding a balance between ‘on screen time’ and ‘real time’ activities is not an easy task but we are always applying new ways to keep moving forward by listening to our youth members, along with their families, to help achieve positive and ongoing solutions to any instances that may occur and more importantly, to help our youth members continue on their journey through Scouts along with achieving their goals.

We look forward to welcoming your family in person to Scouting!

Membership Information

For further information please contact:



Contact our membership hotline on 1800 SCOUTS (1800 726 887)

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