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Thinking of joining Scouts but don’t know what section is the one for you?

All the sections of Scouting are broken up into age groups so that your child can experience the appropriate level of challenge and adventure for their age group.

The purpose of the Scout Movement is to contribute to the education of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

The Scout Program is aimed to create active citizens in our local and global community. With increased levels of challenge, each individual will have the chance to get the most from Scouting. We use something called the Scout Method to ensure the way we do Scouting is Fun, Challenging, Adventurous and Inclusive for everyone.

Each section will also have the ability to participate in:
  • Camps
  • Sleepovers
  • Adventurous activities
  • Outings
  • District & Branch events
S.A. Lone Scout’s Annual Camp 2017 – At Woodhouse with Lord Baden-Powell’s footprints.

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