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Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Our Strategic plan has been developed to provide a focus on group activities and actions to help guide our direction. As an active Scout Group with over 200 youth members and 50 adult volunteers it is important for us to work towards a common goal.

Work on this plan involves everyone in the group! If you are interested in being a part of this and contributing to one of the ‘tasks’ and projects please contact Chris Wise (Group Leader).

Read the full plan here. A brief outline of the plan is outlined below.

The Strategic plan is built on 4 main areas that we aim to work on:

GoalWith a focus onAchieved by
Sustainable Operations· Retention of youth and adults
·  Training support for new Adults
·  Upskilling adults
· Engaging and exciting program
· Developing plans for growth and retention
· Monitoring and supporting adult development
· Providing training opportunities both formal and informal
· Encourage program outcomes for all youth members
People & Culture· Develop and implement processes to support us
· Recognise our members
· Youth Numbers
· Leader and Adult Support numbers
· Documenting key processes and having them available
· Refining and developing our processes
· Recognising achievements
· Develop opportunities for involvement and support to be provided
Member Experience· Refine and enhance processes
· Grants and development
· Financial management
· Property and assets
· Seek opportunities for funding that supplement our fees
· Strengthening our systems and processes
· Redeveloping our facilities
· Enhancing our facilities
Community Impact· Community impact of Scouting
· Partnerships
· Creating and maintaining community connections
· Being visible in the community
· Engaging with those who can advocate for Scouts

We will PROMISE TO DO OUR BEST to ensure an awesome program for our young people

We will CARE FOR OTHERS and welcome everyone who lives by the Promise and Law

We will DO WHAT IS RIGHT to make being a member easier, more satisfying and provide the tools, knowledge and support to succeed


We will USE RESOURCES WISELY by making our processes easier and ensuring access to tools and resources when needed

We will BE RESPECTFUL of each other and of what we all do, make it easier to find and receive help and get the job done

Be prepared to connect.

Facebook and Instagram are fantastic ways to promote Scouting. Please enjoy their use by posting photos and stories about the great activities you are doing in Scouts.