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The overall responsibility for the corporate governance of Scouts Australia (SA Branch) rests with the Branch Executive Committee (BEC). The BEC as a collective, ensures that the Association maintains systems and processes that are properly controlled and functioning effectively, and that management is complying with the policies and directives approved by the BEC. The BEC also conducts reviews of all Branch policies on a regular basis to ensure the ongoing conformance with State and Federal requirements.

The Role Of Members

In accordance with the Branch Constitution, the voting members of the ‘Branch’ are responsible for voting on the election of the BEC at the Annual General Meeting. All BEC members, are subject to re-election by rotation at least every two years. The Annual General Meeting also provides members with the opportunity to receive the audited financial reports and select the auditors for the Association.


The BEC is responsible for the overall corporate governance of Scouts Australia (SA Branch), including its strategic direction, establishing goals, and monitoring the achievement of those goals. The key functions of the BEC include:

  • Making a recommendation to the Chief Scout of the Branch (for subsequent appointment by the Chief Scout of Australia) for the appointment of the Branch Chief Commissioner per the Branch Constitution.
  • Appointing a Chief Executive Officer and determining an appropriate remuneration package.
  • Setting the ‘vision’ and Strategic Plan for the Association.
  • Establishing the objectives (and reviewing performance against those objectives) for the Chief Commissioner of Branch and the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Preparing an annual budget, and monitoring results on a regular basis.
  • Ensuring that risk management and governance systems are in place and operational throughout the organisation.
  • Ensuring that Scouts Australia (SA Branch) complies with the law and conforms to the highest standards of financial, environmental and ethical behaviour.
  • Overseeing the Association’s finances through the CEO (including bequests, properties and all commercial activities).

BEC members spend an average of 24 days per annum on BEC matters, including review and preparation time, meetings and attendance at functions. The President and Branch Chief Commissioner commit significant additional time attending to special responsibilities including representing Scouts Australia (SA Branch) at functions and presentations.

BEC members are volunteers, receiving no fees for their commitment as BEC members.


The BEC and its individual members aim to keep all significant stakeholders informed of major developments and of the performance of Scouts Australia (SA Branch). Typical activities include:

  • Providing reports as necessary to Government, private enterprise sponsors, and other funding stakeholders.
  • Reporting as necessary to relevant regulators.
  • Reviewing audit processes and reports.
  • Communication at Annual General Meetings and via other forums, including media.
  • Representing or reporting on Scouts Australia (SA Branch) activities and performance via the Annual Report.

BEC & Management

The volunteer management of Scouts Australia (SA Branch) is delegated to the Branch Chief Commissioner.
The business management of Scouts Australia (SA Branch) is delegated to the Branch Chief Executive Officer.
The BEC is responsible for:

  • Defining management responsibilities.
  • Approving the corporate objectives for which the Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer are responsible.
  • Exercising due diligence to ensure the Scout Association of Australia, South Australian Branch, complies with its health and safety duties and responsibilities.

The BEC receives detailed briefings from the Branch Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer on a regular basis during the year. The BEC also meets project managers and other staff and stakeholders as it requires. These actions inform BEC members of the Association’s activities and assists them in assessing the organisation’s performance against its strategic plan. The BEC evaluates its own performance against the Strategic Plan through internal and external survey annually.
The BEC does not directly involve itself in operational matters, leaving these to be managed by the Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer. Similarly, the BEC does not involve itself in tasking volunteers or staff directly, preferring that the Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer manage the Association’s resources to achieve the strategic directions it sets.

BEC Composition

The BEC consists of nine members (incl two young adults) including the President, one Vice President and the Chief Commissioner. There are not more than two “supporting members” as well as not more than two “Adults Leaders”. All members are elected by the voting members of Branch at the AGM for a two-year term. The BEC has the power to co-opt one additional voting member.

BEC Meetings

The BEC meets regularly through the year with the Chief Executive Officer in attendance. Advisory Sub-Committees are formed when necessary by the BEC. These special-purpose committees may co-opt external advice as required.

Conflict of Interest

The BEC has in place a policy and procedure for the reporting of any matter which may give rise to a conflict between the interests of a BEC member and those of Scouts Australia (SA Branch). These arrangements are designed to ensure that the independence and integrity of the BEC is maintained. BEC members are regularly reminded to declare perceived conficts at every BEC meeting and during any discussion where that conflict may become apparent.Where a BEC member may be ‘contracted’ or commissioned by the Association on a fee for service basis that fact is to be recorded in the Association’s financial statements and made transperant to all members.

Equal Opportunity

Scouts Australia (SA Branch) is an Equal Opportunity organisation and this is reflected in its policies.

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