Plan>Do>Review> aids in the development of great programs, shared responsibility for the running of activities and provides a whole pile of learning opportunities.
Plan>Do>Review> means better activities, more fun, and your Section or small team gets to choose and get involved in organising its own adventures. It helps ensure everyone has a fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive time in Scouting.
Plan>Do>Review> can be used in all Sections of the program.
The role of youth in leading, and adults in supporting this process will look a bit different from Section to Section; remember it is about involving youth meaningfully in the whole process.

Plan >

• Decide what you’re going to do
• Decide who’s going to lead and who’s going to do other jobs
• Work out what is needed
• Find out what skills you need
• Make some plans
• Use experts, like your Leaders, to help you

Do >

• Ensure everyone is involved
• Test out new skills
• Follow your plan, but it’s ok to change it if you need to
• Have fun
• Work as a team

Review >

• At the end of an activity, take a moment to review it
• Ask good questions of each other
• What did you hear, see, notice and enjoy about your adventure?
• What didn’t go to plan?
• What would you do differently next time?
• Talk about your achievements
• Thank everyone who participated

Never forget to do a review! It is important to find out from everyone how they went and what they learned.

Sometimes, the process of Plan>Do>Review> isn’t always a linear process. It may be that the nature of the activity you are embarking on requires you to revisit the planning stage multiple times. Perhaps when you go to do the activity, you find that it just isn’t working and you need to do a mini-review with those involved, before going back to the planning stage and having another go.
Plan>Do>Review> should be thought of as a flexible process. Use it to your advantage, the way that works best for you, your team, and your adventure.

Have you noticed how Plan>Do>Review> always has an arrow at the end? This means that you are ready to have another go! You could do the same activity again. Or, you might have learned some great new ideas to use in the future.

Update: Smaller packages of resources have been made available for download

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