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Australian Scout Medallion

The Australian Scout Medallion is the highest award that can be achieved in the Scout Section.

Prior to the introduction of the ASM, the Scout Adventurer Award (Green Cord), was the highest award.

Australian Scout Medallion

2021Belinda Jaeger
2019Josiah Kitchen
2016Chloe Short
2015Tamika Molloy
2015Tahlea Loechel
2015Jack Ashe
2013Michael Short
2010Nick Lawrence
2008Tara Whitehead

Scout Adventure Award

2004Trent Dolphin
2004Sarah Wright
2003Tegan Asser
2003Peter Dunk
2003Penny Johnston
2003Daniel Light
2003Ben Holecek
2003Aaron Foster
2001Tristan Clements
2000Mallory Philips
2000Jakab Foster
2000Alex Johnston
1999Shaun Light
1998Lisi Phillips
1996Michael Light
1996Brenton Light

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