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Queen’s Scout Award

Queen’s Scouts

The Queen’s Scout Award is the highest award that can be achieved by a youth member in Scouting.

2023Benjamin Forg
2023David Forg
2023Jayden Howe
2023Anise Piltz
2023Jack McKenzie
2021Ceobahn Webber-Wilson
2020William Goodes
2020Sean Ind
2019Tamika Molloy
2017Michael Short
2017Kendall Meyers
2017Emily Dungey
2016Nathan Dunn
2016Martyn Pilgrim
2016Ashleigh Dungey
2015Leah Ashe
2014Sarah Schultz
2012Tara Whitehead
2012Callum Hue
2011Tamara Welke
2008Elyse Shane
2007Sophie Lewis
2007Sarah Wright
2006Daniel Light
2005Tegan Asser
2005Laura Shane
2004Shaun Light
2004Marcus Baker-Kang
2004Katherine Turner
2004Jakab Foster
2004Alex Johnston
2003Mark Gurd
2000Michael Light
2000Brenton Light
1999Serena Baker-Kang
1999Adrian Green
1998Amanda Freund
1997Justin Williams
1996Jodie Saint
1996Geoff Paesler
1995Roberton Mutton
1995Andre Freund
1993Mark Duncan
1993Jim Mutton
1992Kristene Willmott
1992Colin Hinze
1991Sarah Smith
1991Paul Williams
1990Stephen Smith
1990Paul Coles
1990David Peel
1989Jon Black
1989Craig Duncan
1988Ben Hollister
1987Cameron Dreckow
1987Anthea Browne
1986Scott Duncan
1985Jade Taylor
1982David Curby
1967Terence Unger
1961Napier Mitchell
1957Keith Pitman

King Scouts

Prior to 1957 the Queen’s Scout was known as the King’s Scout Award

1951Kevin Haese
1942Clarrie Hamilton
1940Laurie Middleton
1910Kenneth A Dunk
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